Hello world!

My name is Łukasz Szkup. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I work as a Full-Stack Developer at Youi.

I have been programming for many years. My first encounter with programming was when I turned 13. I received my first computer from my uncle, a Commodore 64, and I quickly mastered my first programming language - BASIC. A few months later I got familiar with Assembler. In both languages I wrote my first computer game on that machine.

When I was 15 my parents bought me my first PC. It gave me an amazing opportunity to learn new languages, like Pascal, C and C++. Additionally, I got interested in programming competitions, both individual and group ones, where I was willingly checking and improving my skills. When I managed to get to the final in one of such competitions, it gave me a free pass to most of the universities in Poland. And then I chose the Computer Science Institute at the University of Wrocław.

I started my professional career between the 3rd and 4th year of my studies (November 2002). Since then I have been constantly programming, designing software and gaining experience in this area.

Also, I am the creator and owner of the following web app accessible under www.flywithmenow.com and www.lecimyrazem.pl. The main reason for creating this application was to help people who travel abroad alone or don't know foreign languages and need a hand from more experienced travellers.