Personal data

Name: Łukasz Szkup
Address: Brisbane, Australia
Social networks: LinkedIn


2009 - 2009 High School of Banking, Wrocław, Poland; Project Management
1999 - 2004 University of Wrocław, Poland; Institute of Computer Science
1995 - 1999 Secondary school in Wrocław, Poland; Profile: Computer Science


  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer: Web Applications
  • Finalist of National Computer Science Competition of Poland (1999)
  • 4th place in competition of Group Programming in Wrocław (1999)
  • High places in many other programming competitions (in 2001 - 4th place)


  • programming/script languages, technologies: C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, HTML, CSS (SASS/LESS), SQL (SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL), Regular Expressions
  • libraries/frameworks: .NET Framework, .NET Core, NUnit, NHibernate, Node.js, ASP.NET, Express.js, Flutter
  • environments: VS Code, MS Visual Studio
  • control version systems: GIT
  • the most important courses: Efficient software design (XP, Design patterns), Software project management (UML), Databases, Algorithms and data structures, Parallel and distributed computations
  • deep knowledge of miscellaneous algorithms and data structures (hash tables, search trees, queues, stacks, heaps, lists, graphs, matrices and so on)


  • Open driving licence for cars and motorcycles since 1998


2021.11 - present Code Heroes - Senior Developer
2020.11 - 2021.11 Fallon Solutions - Senior Developer
2019.06 - 2020.11 Youi - Senior Developer
2016.09 - 2019.06 Readify - Senior Developer
2013.09 - 2016.08 S3 Group - IT Contractor
2012.07 - 2013.06 Readify - Senior Developer
2011.05 - 2012.06 S3 Group - IT Contractor
2010.05 - 2011.05 Teleste Video Networks - Senior software engineer
2009.05 - 2010.04 Tieto - Senior software engineer
2008.03 - 2009.05 Objectivity - Software engineer
2006.10 - 2008.02 PGS Software - Software engineer
2005.01 - 2006.06 Microgen Sp. z.o.o. - Software engineer
2002.11 - 2004.12 HDF Sp. z.o.o. - Software engineer


  • Barcode Engine Library - an application responsible for fast generating 1- and 2-dimensional barcodes. Contains over 70 types of different barcodes. Includes many advanced algorithms to generate codes with high performance. Produces results in many output bitmap and vector formats. Can be compiled on many platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris. Used technologies: C/C++.
  • PCL Parser - software responsible for filtering documents in print-pool and replacing parts of PCL language (specific for printer chipsets) with barcode bitmaps. Contains a fast parser and lexer for recognizing the PLC language grammar. Used technologies: C++.
  • HDF Labels - an MDI application for designing and printing labels and binding them with any data source. Labels can contain barcodes, pictures, text and figures. Used technologies: C++/MFC.
  • Web Content Manager - an application for managing the content of web pages. Used technologies: C#, PHP.
  • Raytracer - an application for creating realistic images according to a file with a description of 3D objects, camera position/orientation and lights. Algorithms based on ray-tracing methods and many fast heuristics. Used technologies: C++/C#, and DirectX for a simple viewer.
  • SyncWar - a real-time, multiplayer internet game. Allows to move your player across one of several maps, shoot to other players, put mines and chat with other players during the game. Each player has its own account with data stored in an MySQL database. The application is split into a client and server part. Used technologies: Java SE, Applet, MySQL.
  • Balls, Tetris, etc. - simple games written in Flash 6.0/ActionScript and PHP.
  • Aptitude - a system for creating and running business workflow processes. Used technologies: C++, C# 1.1/2.0, IIS, Infragistics, Boost, STL, XML.
  • AIGO - a web application that allows to manage credit cards and creating transaction reports by customers. Used tools/technologies: ASP.NET 1.1, C#, WebServices, MS SQL 2000, XSLT, PDF Generator.
  • GoLove - a web application where users can send messages, make a date, make own profile with photos and search for other users with any criteria. Administrators can manage users and page content. Used technologies: MySQL, PHP 5, Pear DB, Smarty.
  • OptikIT.NET - a Windows desktop application for an optic company. Used tools/technologies: C# 2.0, C++, CAB UI, Smart Client Software Factory, NHibernate, NUnit, MyGeneration, XML, MS SQL 2005.
  • Hospira - a web application for a chemistry company. Used tools/technologies: ASP.NET, jQuery, AJAX, C# 2.0, NUnit, MyGeneration, XML, MS SQL 2005.
  • - a website that gathers fans of cars, motorbikes and mopeds. Used tools/technologies: Zend Framework, PHP 5.0, PostgreSQL, Smarty, jQuery.
  • PSSA - a UK prison lottery system. Used tools/technologies: C# 3.0, .Net Framework 3.5, WPF, LINQ, Entity Framework, MS SQL 2005.

Documents and diplomas

National Computer Science Competition 1999 MS 2364 Certificate Lower Silesia Group Programming Competition 1999 Lower Silesia Group Programming Competition 2000 Lower Silesia Group Programming Competition 2002
Wielka Przesmycka 1998 Wielka Przesmycka 1999 Wielka Przesmycka 2000 Wielka Przesmycka 2001 Wielka Przesmycka 2002